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Wikimania’s coming to DC next week! With so much to do and see in this political, cultural, and economic center many of our guests might be overwhelmed. So leave a comment describing a spot in DC, be it a restaurant, museum, park, monument, street or library that either is your favorite, or, if you’ve never been in DC before, you are looking forward to visiting the most, and explain why that is. Let’s churn up some ideas so folks from outside the area can prioritize their to-visit list!

In the spirit of fun, we’re going to make this a contest based on the quality of reasoning behind why a place is your favorite.

1st place: 4 one-day Capital Bikeshare passes, covering all of Wikimania + Unconference, July 12-15
2nd place: 3 one-day Capital Bikeshare passes, covering all of Wikimania, July 12-14
3rd place: 2 one-day Capital Bikeshare passes, covering all of Tech@State, July 12-13
4th place: 1 one-day Capital Bikeshare pass
Deadline is July 11 at 5pm! Make sure to enter a valid email address that you will check so we can notify the winners!
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10 Responses to “Leave a Comment, Get a Free Ride!”

  1. oz750 Says:

    Apply for bikeshare.

  2. slowking Says:

    smithsonian american art museum; with the norman foster atrium

  3. Andrew Lih Says:

    The National Building Museum is one of the most overlooked museums in DC, but one of the best of its kind anywhere in the world. What other institution has a tribute to LEGOS, architecture, style, art and civil engineering all under one roof? And what an incredible roof it is. The museum is housed in the old Pension Bureau building, an 1887 brick structure that has a breathtaking open interior with 75 foot high columns painted to resemble marble. The frieze that goes around the outside of the building beautifully depicts Civil War soldiers, a nod to the building’s role in administering payments to war veterans. With its conversion to a museum in 1980, kids can learn about physics and civil engineering by experimenting with a life-sized arch composed of “soft stuffed bricks,” or peruse its great book/gift shop. While it’s not exactly in the flow of Wikimania’s activities, hopefully an interested contingent of Wikipedians can organize visit. Perhaps a bike excursion!


  4. Merrilee Says:

    My absolute favorite thing to do in DC is to tour the monuments by night. Particularly in the summer time, this is a great way to see the monuments at their best — they are lit up and beautiful, the air is cool, no hot sun beating down on you, the crowds are much reduced, and you get that feeling like you are sneaking off and doing something a little bad (except that you are not). My usual route is to go from the Washington Monument to Jefferson, over to the FDR memorial, then to the Korean War Memorial, then on to Lincoln, and ending with the Vietnam memorial. This is the first time I’ll be in DC with the new WWII memorial open, so I’m excited to see how that looks on my night tour. I usually gather up a group of fellow travelers and haul them off for a hike, but I imagine that this is something that would be even better on bike!

  5. MB-one Says:

    For avgeeks, like me, the Air and Space Museum is a must see. I was planning to use Bikeshare anyway, but it would be very nice if it was free.

  6. Isaac Kosgei Says:

    Would love to tour DC.
    I am new and dont know any place. Ride will be great

  7. Kolossos Says:

    Riding a bicycle ROCK’S!
    I rent a bike in NY and it was a wonderful way to go along the coastline. Now I want to see WDC this way.

  8. Deryck Chan Says:

    Capitol Hill Baptist Church. A church right in the centre of the political district and attended by many influential political figures, yet renowned for its religious teaching rather than political involvement or touristic value. I’m definitely visiting them anyway!

  9. Giorgio Says:

    I want to visit a lot of interesting places, but first I’ll visit the national portrait gallery: some people told me it is a “must see” thing in DC!

  10. LisaMarrs Says:

    Hey everybody, thanks so much for participating! Congratulations to Andrew Lih for winning 1st place, Merrilee for 2nd place, Deyrck Chan for 3rd place, and Kolossos for 4th place! Please pick up your bike vouchers at the information table from the crown lady.

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